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Immigrant Integration and Empowerment


English Language Courses

The purpose of this program is to provide support for the newly arrived immigrants who do not speak English and to aid in the academic success of immigrant children. The tutoring services try to reduce the tension of immigrants’ families due to their unfamiliarity with the educational system in the United States of America as well as to ensure their smooth adaptation within their community and the society overall.

Dari and Pashto Language Courses 

For immigrants’ children and adults who want to learn their native tongues.

Health and Wellbeing

We recognize that depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic syndrome disorder (PTSD) are prevalent among a majority of newly resettled immigrants/refugees in the US (Sacramento). Poverty, lack of education, language proficiency, housing issues, unemployment, isolation, poor access to services, and other disadvantages in the new community are common post-migration stressors that can greatly impact mental health. Hence, Immigrants/refugees are facing a wide variety of serious and/or chronic health and social issues. It is II&E’s aim to provide health and wellbeing support to assist with access to health care service and educate these vulnerable individuals about a variety of health issues that can affect and possibly save their lives. 

Women's Well Being Programs

- Reproductive health 
- Maternity 
- Breast feeding 
- Breast health 
- Bone health 
- Heart health 
- Menopause 
- Nutrition 
- Exercise 
- Yoga and Meditation

Men's Wellbeing Programs 

- Smoking Cessation 
- Alcohol Abuse 
- Heart Health 
- Prostate Health 
- Low Testosterone 
- Exercise 
- Yoga 
- Meditation 

Children and Adolescent Wellbeing Programs

Resources and information on children’s and adolescent’s health, wellness, and safety as well as education and training. Our aim is to identify these risk factors and help children of immigrants and refugees with mental health and other common problems. 

Transformational Health & Wellbeing Coaching

Our aim is to move from distress to wellness. This program is designed to promote emotional wellness and suicide prevention among immigrants and refugees. We believe early interventions with vulnerable immigrants/refugees can help to reduce emotional, social, and psychological stress and lower the risk of individuals developing more serious mental health concerns in the future. Mental health threatens not only the parents but children as well and the uncertainty about their future, the stress of adjusting to a new society, numerous losses, and the focus on their traumatic past may contribute to feelings of low self-esteem, hopelessness, and depression among refugees and new immigrants. 

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Driving Education Courses

Passing the driving test and gaining a driving license remains one of the main struggles of the immigrants in Sacramento. Especially women, and some men who are completely illiterate even in their native language; as well as those who do not speak English. This program aims to provide driving permit (theoretical) lessons based on the CaliforniaDriving Book provided by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). 

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For the list of the DMV offices in Sacramento County please refer to “Resources”.

Translation Services

In the absence of linguistically and culturally accessible care, refugees and immigrants may have difficulty developing trust in, and respect for, physicians, medical staff, and western medicine. Without clear communication of medical history, current needs, and personal health practices and beliefs, immigrants and refugees are prone to medical mistakes. Possible errors include patient-provider miscommunication, cultural sensitivity is often as crucial as competent interpretation in cross-cultural medical treatment. 
If you need a translator to join you via phone or video at your appointment, please contact us a few days ahead of your appointment. This will ensure the availability of a volunteer at that specific time.
II&E also provides language assistance services to the immigrants at no cost to the families.

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